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Presentation decks that you can give to the key decision makers at your school as well as parents and students
to help them learn more about the William Pike Challenge

Links to our resources section to help you LEARN, PLAN and LAUNCH the William Pike Challenge in your school

Video highlights and messages from educators that have implemented the William Pike Challenge in their schools and seeing the differences the programme has made in the lives of the students

Video highlights and messages from students themselves that have completed the WPC

We know you are busy, however, from the experience of more than 200 educators throughout the country that run the William Pike Challenge in their schools, taking a few moments to have a look at the content will be a worthwhile investment in your time, as will reading these stats from our 2019 Survey of Students and Parents:

2019 Survey of Students who had completed the WPC determined:

With all that has happened in 2020, the uncertainty, the sudden disruption to daily life - now more than ever it is essential that our children are equipped with the 21st century tools to handle massive and unforeseen change! Are you already convinced that these skills are needed by your students right now? Do you want to save yourself some time? We can get things started for you right now!