Get your students learning essential life skills

Develop year 6-9 students’ resilience and wellbeing with the William Pike Challenge at your school. Give your students their best learning experiences ever. Prepare them for tomorrow’s world and have heaps of fun along the way.

William Pike Challenge students standing in a row together

How it works in three easy steps

Think of the William Pike Challenge as an exciting Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), project based and service learning programme wrapped into one. Run by teachers, students get involved in Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects.

1. Design your programme

Use our sample programme or free programme resources to design an amazing William Pike Challenge programme. We provide you with the support, resources and inspiration. This is where you can let loose with creativity and make an awesome programme.

2. Sign Up

Sign up to run the William Pike Challenge at your school. Pricing is based on a per school and per student basis.

3. Get results

Here’s where the fun and learning for teachers and students begins! Watch your students learn, develop their life skills and wellbeing as they progress through their William Pike Challenge programme.

William Pike Challenge students fundraising money for Daffodil Day

Why schools around NZ trust the William Pike Challenge

  • 87% of students said that the WPC has helped them become better at persevering and not giving up.
  • 86% of parents said that the WPC has helped their child become more confident in themselves.
  • “Giving students opportunities to engage with the Outdoors, Community Service & Passion Projects – for me that is where we can make a difference. I feel empowered as a teacher, it gives us extra weaponry that the average teacher doesn’t have.”

    Kevin – WPC Teacher.

Download Sample Programme

Learn what the Challenge could look like in your school. Go for it, you’re not committing to anything yet!
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