Essential life skills for students!

Prepare your year 6-9 students for the Challenges that they will face tomorrow – today!
Is a sense of purpose that goes beyond the ‘self’ something that appeals to you?
Do you want your students to have high self-worth and self-esteem?
Are your students equipped with the skills they need to face life’s challenges now?
William Pike Challenge students standing in a row together

Students learn skills needed to cope with the unexpected

Develop strengths in students they don’t know they have
We need to step outside of the classroom to really develop skills such as leadership, responsibility, creativity, social skills and community involvement.

Develop passion projects to build focus and commitment
Learning to work out what is important to a young person is a big step. Giving them the framework to make choices and decisions, then develop and implement actions to bring their projects to fruition provides an essential foundation for later in life.

Build better relationships
Many students who complete the William Pike Challenge find their relationships with fellow students, teachers and even parents improve because they learn different approaches than with what they grew up with or are used to currently.

Challenges that can’t be achieved inside the classroom
With the William Pike Challenge, students are challenged in ways that simply can’t be achieved inside the classroom. It’s strength lies in taking students outside their comfort zone to solve problems or deal with situations they never expected, but at same time they have fun doing it!

Giving students the confidence to handle any situation that comes their way

How much better would a young person’s life be if they were equipped with 21st century skills to handle any situation that came their way? Imagine a year 6 to 9 student who has always struggled with decision making or self-confidence within the classroom. Not wanting to try something new or have the confidence to say something to a crowd. What would it mean to that child if they had the skills and tools set to handle the situation with resilience and self-worth, so that they were able to have their voice heard?


William Pike Challenge students fundraising money for Daffodil Day

A life changing experience led to the William Pike Challenge

The William Pike Challenge was developed as a result of a significant life changing experience.

What our founder, William Pike eventually learnt from his Mt. Ruapehu experience was, when you’re faced with challenge and change, success or failure comes down to one thing – whether you are already prepared to step outside your comfort zone – or whether you’re not.

When the opportunity came up to create a youth development programme based around growing more resilient young people, he jumped at it. William could see a real opportunity to take what had prepared him for his challenges, and help prepare our young people for succeeding in their lives. That is now our mission; helping students step out of their comfort zones and develop essential skills for the future.

Here is some feedback on the William Pike Challenge

William Pike Challenge Student Testimony
William Pike Challenge Teacher Testimony
William Pike Challenge Parent Testimony

‘I put the William Pike Challenge on my CV’ – Nicole, 2011 WPC Graduate

Watch this short video of William Pike Challenge graduate Nicole who went to Hilltop School, Taupo in 2011. Now in her final year at High School, learn how the William Pike Challenge has helped Nicole with 21st Century skills enabling her to tackle any challenge that comes her way and be the best she can be! Learn also, of a potential employers reaction to Nicole having put the William Pike Challenge on her CV!

‘The William Pike Challenge has taught me how to step outside my comfort zone and take on any challenge’ – Audrey, Year 8 Student and WPC Graduate in 2020

For a young person who struggled with being outside her comfort zone, Audrey a Year 8 Student at Loburn School, was able to learn the skills and tools to overcome her fears and anxieties about trying new things. Making new friends through her WPC journey, helping out in her community and building her resilience were the highlights of the challenge. All valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Watch this short video and share in Audrey’s experience as she presents to her class and parents.

How the William Pike Challenge works in three easy steps

Think of the William Pike Challenge as an exciting Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), project based and service learning programme wrapped into one. Run by teachers, students get involved in Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects.

1. Design Your Programme

Use our sample programme or free programme resources to design an amazing William Pike Challenge programme. We provide you with the support, resources and inspiration. This is where you can let loose with creativity and make an awesome programme.

2. Sign Up

Sign up to run the William Pike Challenge at your school. Pricing is based on a per school and per student basis.

3. Get Results

Here’s where the fun and learning for teachers and students begins! Watch your students learn, develop their life skills and wellbeing as they progress through their William Pike Challenge programme.

Book a call to learn more about bringing the William Pike Challenge to your school.

A few of the schools in our community

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Why schools around NZ trust the William Pike Challenge

  • 87% of students said that the WPC has helped them become better at persevering and not giving up.
  • 86% of parents said that the WPC has helped their child become more confident in themselves.
  • “Giving students opportunities to engage with the Outdoors, Community Service & Passion Projects – for me that is where we can make a difference. I feel empowered as a teacher, it gives us extra weaponry that the average teacher doesn’t have.”

    Kevin – WPC Teacher.

Westport North School Celebrates 10 Years of the William Pike Challenge!

Westport North School community came together to celebrate 10 extraordinary years of their rangatahi participating in the William Pike Challenge. In this powerful video, past students tell how the William Pike Challenge has positively impacted on their lives!

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