Preparing our tamariki for tomorrow’s world.

 What is the William Pike Challenge?

The William Pike Challenge is a structured, specialist programme that can be run in a school of any size, location, decile and whether or not you’ve got fast wifi!

As part of the programme, participants will do Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects. By engaging in these three things, young people develop wellbeing and strengthen 21st-century skills whether they know it or not.

Outdoor Activities

Community Service

Passion Projects

How does the William Pike Challenge work?

The William Pike Challenge is a year-long programme that’s run in a school and delivered by passionate educators. We provide the structure, resources and support and you tailor the programme to meet your school’s needs.

 Who can do the William Pike Challenge?

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 can do the William Pike Challenge which is lead by passionate educators at the school.

Track student progress with the Challenge Hub

Run your William Pike Challenge programme with ease using our custom built platform, the Challenge Hub.


Track Progress

View a snapshot of student and school progress from the dashboard.

Create groups

Spread the load and assign groups of students to teacher helpers.

Access Resources

Programme guides, best practice information & inspirational content.

Why do the William Pike Challenge?

The William Pike Challenge prepares our young people to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s world. It does this by creating challenging opportunities for youth to step outside of their comfort zone, experience the extraordinary and develop and strengthen their wellbeing and 21st-century skills.

As well as preparing our young people for the future, the William Pike Challenge has many other positive outcomes for educators and schools, young people, whānau and local communities.

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Our programme is great for educators and schools as:

  • It’s adaptable and flexible to fit into any school’s timetable.
  • Allows educators and schools to effectively and easily plan EOTC.
  • Provides a point of difference to retain and attract students.
  • Encourages young people to form relationships with other students and adults in the community. 
  • Prepares students for high school and gives them a sense of direction at a critical stage in their lives.
  • Students’ 21st-century skills filter through into the classroom, playground and beyond.

Our programme is great for young people as it:

  • Increases self-worth and self-esteem as youth develop confidence and resilience.
  • Improves their physical and mental wellbeing as they explore the outdoors more.
  • Is delivered at a formative time of their lives and helps youth to shine in ways other than academically.
  • Develops hobbies and interests which could lead to a lifelong passion.
  • Encourages youth to develop more friendships and broaden their social net.
  • Provides a sense of purpose by encouraging them to think beyond themselves and give back to others.

Our programme is great for whānau and communities as it:

  • Develops meaningful connections between young people, their community and the land, fostering pride and respect.
  • Encourages youth to give back to their whānau and specific community events.
  • Creates opportunities for parents and caregivers to be involved at an incredibly formative stage of their child’s lives.
  • Student’s 21st-century skills filter through into their learning, relationship building and exploration of the outdoors.

What our teachers say

By the end of the year, our students have grown as leaders. They’re more confident and willing within themselves to try new challenges and get stuck into things. It’s down to the positive experiences with the William Pike Challenge programme that they don’t otherwise get to experiences with their families.

Aly Grant

Mission Heights Junior College

The William Pike Challenge offers so much more than what we’re able to offer as a school. The Community Service aspect really builds our students up as leaders and as wonderful individuals. Students are unrecognisable after completing the programme and that’s really rewarding.

Kevin Palmer

Northcross Intermediate

 The impact of being involved in the programme has been powerful. Our children are a lot more aware of what’s out there in terms of issues and problems and how they can make a difference. Developing their confidence and empowering them so they feel they can do something about it is key.

Eileen Bain

Te Waotu School

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