How to get started with the William Pike Challenge

1. Design your programme

Use our free programme resources to design an amazing William Pike Challenge programme that your community will be proud of! We provide you with the structure, resources, and support and you tailor the programme to meet your students’ needs. Specifically designed for students in years 6 and up, they’ll do Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects. By engaging in these three things they’ll develop resilience and positive wellbeing and strengthen their 21st-century life skills. Excited? Learn more about Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects.

William Pike Challenge students learning water safety skills
William Pike Challenge students planting trees
2. Sign Up

Sign up to run the William Pike Challenge at your school. If you’re ready to go, book a call with us. Pricing is based on a per school and per student basis. Access pricing info through our free guide and programme resources by clicking here. 

3. Get results & track progress

As you deliver your William Pike Challenge, you’ll see your kids developing 21st-century life skills and positive wellbeing. Use our custom-built online portal, the Challenge Hub, to track your kids progress throughout the year. See student outcomes here.

William Pike Challenge student building a rock climbing wall

Track student progress with the Challenge Hub

The Challenge Hub is an essential tool for both teachers and students doing the William Pike Challenge. It makes planning, accessing resources and tracking student progress super simple!

Download our Free Guide

Learn what the Challenge could look like in your school. Go for it, you’re not committing to anything yet!
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