Why run the William Pike Challenge?

With the William Pike Challenge, students are challenged in ways that simply can’t be achieved inside the classroom. Their self-worth and self-esteem grow. Their physical and mental wellbeing improves. They develop a sense of purpose by thinking beyond themselves and giving back to others – something that many kids struggle with! For students, the positive outcomes are countless.

For schools and teachers, the William Pike Challenge also provides many benefits. In addition to having happy, accomplished students, the William Pike Challenge provides a point of difference to retain and attract students. It can slot into any school’s timetable and be molded to meet a school/community need.

Check out some awesome firsthand feedback below from students, teachers and parents.

William Pike Challenge kids planting trees

Why our students love the William Pike Challenge

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The WPC has helped me figure out how to be resilient, more confident and really connected in my community. It was so rad.

2019 student


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This programme helped me learn social skills, responsibility, and taking action. It was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and overall I really enjoyed it.
2019 student


It helped me to see what other people could do and what talents they have. I formed a better relationship with my teacher and it helped me to see what I wanted to do when I’m older. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this.

2017 student


2019 student survey results

88% of students agree that since doing the William Pike Challenge, they’re more keen to help their local community without being paid (e.g. to coach a sport team, tutor, clean up, or plant trees.)

87% of students agree that since doing the William Pike Challenge, they’re better at persevering through a challenge and not giving up even when it is tough.

87% of students agree that the William Pike Challenge has helped them become more confident in themselves.

Why our teachers love the William Pike Challenge

See parent feedback below.

By the end of the year, our students have grown as leaders. They’re more confident and willing within themselves to try new challenges and get stuck into things. It’s down to the positive experiences with the William Pike Challenge programme that they don’t otherwise get to experiences with their families.

Aly Grant

Mission Heights Junior College

I absolutely love the William Pike Challenge. It develops my students’ life skills, supports their wellbeing, and challenges them to go further than they think they can. We had an amazing time doing the programme in 2019 and we can’t wait to grow the programme even more in years to come.

Patria Davis

Wesley Intermediate

The impact of being involved in the programme has been powerful. Our children are a lot more aware of what’s out there in terms of issues and problems and how they can make a difference. Developing their confidence and empowering them so they feel they can do something about it is key.

Eileen Bain

Te Waotu School

Why our parents love the William Pike Challenge

We are so grateful for the WPC. The teamwork and fun my child experienced has been amazing. Staff at school have been awesome and encouraging. My son has made new friends and has even improved his writing skills. He’s matured emotionally and is ready for high school. The intermediate years are perfect for this programme. I’ve loved doing the community service with my son too.


Auckland Parent

The challenges my daughter faced have shown her strengths she didn’t know she had and that she can overcome what she thought was impossible. She will always look back at these events as reminders and it will give her the determination she needs. She will also be a helpful part of the community, as she appreciates helping out.


Christchurch Parent

 It has given her an opportunity to experience new outdoor activities with her friends that she hasn’t previously tried. She is very keen to do the Duke of Edinburgh award having now completed WPC. I think it has given her the confidence that she is able to participate in new challenges and enjoy success. It has also shown her how many different possibilities for Community Service and Passion Projects there are out there!


Waikato Parent

87% of parents agree that the William Pike Challenge helped their child become more confident in themselves.

85% of parents agree that since doing the William Pike Challenge, their child is better at persevering through a challenge and not giving up even when it is tough.

87% of parents agree that the William Pike Challenge has helped their child improve their confidence to take on new challenges.

William Pike Challenge student stacking wood
William Pike Challenge Outdoor Activity Beach Education
William Pike Challenge Passion Project Sewing

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