The three elements of the William Pike Challenge

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities provide opportunities for young people to step outside of their comfort zone, take risks, build confidence and strengthen relationships with peers. Outdoor Activities not only build positive wellbeing, 21st-century skills and an explorer mindset, they also remind our youth about the beauty and accessibility of New Zealand’s landscape.

Bushwalks, a high ropes course, mountain biking, orienteering or rock climbing nare great examples.

Studies have shown that spending time in nature improves mental well-being by lifting your mood and decreasing feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. Investing in our youths’ mental health means they’re more prepared to overcome challenge and change that will inevitably come their way.

Community Service

Community Service allows young people to explore, develop and strengthen empathy, humility and compassion. Characteristics many young people may not have had the opportunity to untap. Giving back to the community also provides opportunities for young people to step outside of their comfort zone, develop communication skills, connectedness with the local community, peers and whānau and embrace a greater sense of purpose.

Examples of Community Service include tree planting, rubbish pickup, charity fundraising, community food drives or helping at an organisation like the SPCA.

Many young people continue to do voluntary work well after they’ve completed the William Pike Challenge; those feel-good feelings are hard to shake off!

Passion Projects

A Passion Project is a sport or hobby that’s totally new to the young person and are usually done in their own time. They encourage young people to take on a challenge and develop their self belief, work ethic and commitment. Trying something new and working hard to master it develops determination, concentration and resilience.

Learning a new sport or a new language, learning how to cook, photography, horse riding, or sketching – Passion Project options are endless!

Activities offered by the school, like a language or sport can be attributed to Passion Project hours.

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