Module 2: PLAN IT

Passion Projects

Planning Guidelines

Planning Passion Projects

Passion Projects are usually managed by individual students based on their interests. When thinking about what sorts of things your students can do for Passion Projects, remember activities that the school offer (like kapa haka, a sport or an art class) can be counted as a Passion Project if it is completely new to the student.

We have a list of Passion Project ideas on the Challenge Hub which you and your students will get access to once you’re signed up.

Passion Project Ideas

  • Michael already plays loads of sports and so he decides he wants to learn how to bake.
  • Olivia is creative and loves art but has never done woodwork, so she starts this as her Passion Project.
  • Daniel is an outdoors kind of person who does lots of tramping and bushwalking but has never learned how to knit, so he gives knitting a go for his Passion Project.

Passion Project FAQs

Can students do more than one Passion Project?

Yes! Students can choose multiple Passion Projects over the year. 

Are Passion Projects done in school time or student's own time?

Passion Projects usually have minimal teacher input with students doing Passion Projects as individuals, in their own time. However, some schools decide to offer Passion Projects to groups of students.

What will suit your community best? Is there sufficient parental support and supervision for student Passion Projects outside of school hours? What is already offered as something new in your school that your students can utilise? Eg music lessons or a sport.

What is not a good Passion Project?
  • James who plays loads of cricket spends his Passion Project time perfecting more cricket skills. This is not a great choice as James already plays cricket and this is not something new for him.
  • Kate is involved in athletics and is really fit chooses running as her Passion Project. Since Kate already does a lot of running she’s missing the opportunity to learn something totally new. 
  • Andrew belongs to an art club and is becoming an accomplished sketch artist. He chooses sketching as his Passion Project. This isn’t a good choice as he’s already skilled in sktech art, perhaps he could try painting or sculpture.
How are Passion Projects tracked?

Through our Challenge Hub! We encourage students to share photos and write reflective writing when they log their hours too.