Module 1: LEARN IT

Passion Projects

Best Practice & Requirements

Why do Passion Projects?

Passion Projects are a wonderfully engaging element of the William Pike Challenge. They allow young people to explore their interests, set goals and work hard to achieve them! This does wonders for their confidence, pride and self-esteem levels.

Passion Project Requirements

Students need to complete 20 hours of Passion Projects. They can choose one or more Passion Project to master and are usually done in their own time.

To meet our Passion Project requirements they must be:

  • Something that is totally new to the student!

Passion Project FAQs

What are some of the 21st-century skills that are developed with Passion Projects?

  • Emotional resilience, perseverance and commitment.
  • Self-belief and a good work ethic.
  • Planning, preparation and organisational skills.
  • Accountability, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.
  • An awareness of what’s on offer in their community.