Do you ever worry about the impact of all that screen-time on our kids and how it might affect their well-being and their futures? If you do, you’re not alone. Even Bill Gates set screen-time limits for his children. Research is continuing to prove that digitisation of our lives could have some dire outcomes unless we equip our kids with 21st-century skills.

Skills for the future

For us at the William Pike Challenge, it’s a privilege to be helping young Kiwis develop skills that will help set them up for a fantastic 21st-century future. Outdoor Activities, Community Service and Passion Projects all develop different 21st-century skills yet they have the same outcome. Getting young people off their devices, into the real world and experiencing extraordinary things. 

OECD Director of Education and Skills, Andreas Schleicher says that our young people will need the ability to think across disciplines, to see the world through different perspectives, connect ideas and “construct information” for the world we face.

William hears the same thing from the many leading companies he visits as an inspirational speaker. They’re looking for good communication, problem-solving, resilience, and team-work in their new employees. These are the skills the William Pike Challenge develops. 

Skills for the real world

Activities outside the classroom like community service, a new hobby and exploring the outdoors enables kids to nurture a sense of responsibility, confidence, and self-worth. The William Pike Challenge introduces them to new things that are away from screens and based on real-world experiences. And this is vital.

Stuff recently reported that researchers found adolescents who spent more time on electronic communication and screens – social media, texting, electronic games, the internet – were less happy, less satisfied with their lives and had lower self-esteem. Importantly, “every non-screen activity was correlated with greater happiness, and every screen activity was correlated with less happiness.”

We want our children, your children, to be happy and live fulfilled lives. Together with the William Pike Challenge we’re off to a great start. Discover more about how the William Pike Challenge develops 21st-century skills and provides exciting opportunities away from a device here.