A William Pike Challenge launch presentation is incredibly valuable. Not only for your students who are doing the William Pike Challenge, but for your staff, your school and younger students too. Find out why you should have a launch presentation at your school with our top FIVE reasons below.

1. A launch presentation introduces the William Pike Challenge

The main purpose of a WPC launch presentation is to introduce the William Pike Challenge to the students who are doing it in that year and inspire them to achieve their personal best. Hearing about how the WPC came about and how it works from the man behind it all gives an invaluable insight for the students about to take part in the programme.

2. Put a face to the name William Pike with a launch presentation

Hearing from William allows students and staff to put a face behind the name William Pike and the William Pike Challenge. Listening to William talk and meeting him in person makes helps people to see he’s a real person, with a story of overcoming challenge and change, just like every student in the room.

3. Connect with the William Pike Challenge personally

There’s no other way that a student can hold William’s prosthetic leg on their school stage, get a group photo with William or shake his hand than with a WPC launch presentation or inspirational talk by William Pike. Personally connecting with William is great as parents, students and teachers naturally become more invested in their schools WPC journey and their own.

4. Attract more students to your school

A massive advantage to schools hosting a WPC launch presentation is that they can invite students from their feeder schools. The younger students who come to the WPC launch presentation get very excited at the opportunity to be involved in such an awesome programme at their next school. This is especially helpful for smaller, rural high schools and intermediate schools.

5. Inspire students for a great price

William Pike is an extremely entertaining speaker! Whether it’s a corporate audience of 2,500 people, or a school of less than 500 attendees, William’s captivating story is delivered in a way that inspires kids and helps them to overcome challenge and change that WILL come their way. For our William Pike Challenge schools only, William’s speaking rate is heavily discounted. It would be hard to find someone of his calibre to inspire your students at his rate anywhere else.

To find out more about a WPC launch presentation at your school, get in contact with us today!