Ben & Connor – Northcross Intermediate

Ben and Connor from Northcross Intermediate School collected a lot of used sports gear and chose to donate it to Fergusson Intermediate School as part of their Community Service. Ben came up with this great idea and got in touch with Fergusson Intermediate. A lot of time and effort went into this project – both boys spent hours pumping up balls, changing grips to cricket bats and hockey sticks and patching up the ripped ball bags.

Ben says “I chose to collect the sports equipment because the school was getting a load of new equipment, so I thought that could be a way to not waste the older gear. I decided to donate it to Ferguson Intermediate because they are the biggest decile 1 school in Auckland. It actually made me feel really happy by helping out others.”

Fabulous work boys, that sports gear will go on to be enjoyed by many kids and it looks like you’ve not only developed your social awareness but your sewing skills too!

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